Meet The Mather's

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Well, here we are...again

I (Jordan) finally decided to say goodbye to shame and hello to all of my friends on the inter web. Launching a blog isn't something I wanted to do over night, but something God has been stirring in me since I was in high school.

This will be a place where women all of ages will feel inspired to be exactly who God has called them to be. I plan on this space being a place where we can do life together, share our faith and stories, and even get outfit inspiration... cause lets be real if a girl can save a buck.. I'm in!

We are so humbled by the life that Christ has blessed us with. But since we are busy 27 year olds always on the go, I haven’t been able to find the best way to respond to this tugging on my heart until now.

As most of you know my husband Cody and I recently moved from Texas to Tennessee. Moving to the city of Nashville has been a blessing, but at heart, I’m still an independent Southern girl from Ector,Texas. (if you don't know where that is.. google it.. but try and not blink) I promise to only write about the things we truly love. If you don't already follow along on Instagram, go and follow for daily updates!

I think sharing out life will be an exciting way to reach out. And even though they say never reveal secrets, I’d like to think everything is better when it’s shared with family and friends.

Thanks for following along! I hope you enjoy this adventure as much as I do.

The Mather's

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what cody has to say about J

"Jordan is the gift of grace in my life. She is my greatest encourager and teammate. She has an incredible heart for others and is going to make the greatest mom. She is truly the funniest and most loving person you will ever meet."

- Cody Mather

what jordan has to say about cody

"Cody is the most incredible man you will ever meet. I being so serious I don't deserve the love he pours out daily. He is my greatest encounter and supporter. He is hilarious, incredibly kind and effortlessly patient. He is the best."

-Jordan Mather