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Here recently we have been traveling what seems like every weekend and I am new to this whole #momlife but I feel like recently I have nailed down what to pack when traveling and the most effective ways to do so! Now, for all you mommas with multiple babies. Y’all are the real MVP this blog is based off only having one nugget to keep up with and pack for—- but if you are still lost at where to start this blog will be helpful for you.


Now I know some of you are waiting on my tips with traveling on a plane with a baby, and that post is coming I promise. But I wanted to start with the basics. So if you are a note taker this blog is for you, because one of my biggest tips is to create a note on your phone with a packing list that you can always go back and look at for future reference. This will change as they grow obviously but it’s a life saver!

Mommas with NB’s your list will look just a little different at first because NB’s require so much more. BUT that is only for a short time, so even if it is annoying to seem like you are packing up the whole house.. take it in, because those times are gone in a second. (and this is speaking from having a 3 month old)

On the Notes App I categorize packing into different types of trips, such as a road trip vs traveling on a plane. This is helpful because you honestly take different things for those categories.

Another small thing that helped me when starting to create my checklist for Judah was to have my phone handy throughout the day a couple days before we left on our trip. This will help with not overpacking. Cause your girl has that on lock.

Typical Packing List:


Plan those meals out momma. I typically will pack 3-4 bottles. Since I can’t breast feed if we have a. full day of activities planned I like to make sure I have enough bottles to get him through his meals. We use nursery water even when traveling so I have to fill my bottles up and place them in the bag ready to go!

Burp Cloth:

I will typically pack 2 (and always have one in my baby bag!)

Meyer’s Dish Soap:

This is to wash the bottles. I place it in these travel containers and have to make sure the bottles stay clean while traveling!

Boon Trip Drying Rack:

Y’all. This is one of my faves! When we traveled for our adoption we packed the large bottle drying rack and it was just to much to take with us, then I found this bad boy and started singing allllll the praises. It is amazing. Granted you could totally use a towel at your hotel, but they never dry out as well and moister stays inside the bottles

Bottle Warmer:

This product is new to us, but a must when traveling. I was so excited when I ordered it off amazon because I knew it would be a life saver. Judah decided out of nowhere that he would no longer drink room tempt bottles and would need them warmed. #extra So what I have been doing **TIP ALERT when traveling is packing a small YETI container or thermos type cup and when it came time for his bottle have Starbucks fill it up 1/2 way with hot water so I can place is already ready bottle in there to warm up. This is super easy to do at airports as well as when eating out. This hack has been super helpful and easy to do but the bottle warmer was a game changer to have in our hotel room or family/ friends homes when traveling. I will link multiple brands due to not everyone using the same type of bottle! But we use the PHILIPS AVENT warmer!


These are great to have for multiple reasons, but the main reason I atlas like to pack two when traveling is to lay in the pack and play as a sheet! My favorite brand for swaddles is Lou Lou & Company! They are incredibly soft and the material is top notch! My second favorite brand is Aden + Anais! Judah really likes these swaddles and they can be purchased at almost every store that carries baby products!

Sleep Sack:

If you don’t already own one! Order today! These are a life saver and Judah LOVES his!

White Noise Machine:

Judah already uses this everyday— but especially when traveling and we will all be sleeping in the same room this is HUGE to have! We have the Hatch brand and it’s super easy to pack up and go! My favorite thing about this product is that you can set timers so it will automatically turn on and off (like an alarm!)


Our faves can be found at target but is there anything cuter than a baby in burts and bees jammies?! I don’t think so.

Daily Outfits:

Easy to pack. One a day, and make sure your diaper bag always has a backup plan! Our favorites can be found at The Little Bipsy, or KyteBaby!


This is new for us! But I would say from about 3 months + make sure you have them! Once they start prepping for teeth they start to drool all over the place, and if they eat anything like Judah you will want it on them just to protect their clothes!

Body Wash, Shampoo & Lotion:

Judah LOVES bath time and I have to say it’s some of my favorite times with him! het get’s super talkative and smiley and we sing Disney songs! Johnsons baby products are our favorite! They have one for everytime of the day I feel like! HA! But we use the regular one for day time baths, and their night time scent for the baths before bedtimes! Lotion scent for the win is hands down “cotton touch” OUR FAVE. I have the travel size bottle in the lotion and then I use our large bottles to fill up travel containers for the bodywash/shampoo!

Wash Cloths:

I always pack two! If you plan on giving baths, your gonna need them!

Diapers & Wipes:

These go hand in hand! We buy pampers brand. For diapers I always make sure I have five in the diaper bag and bring a new package in his bag for the trip! For the wipes, I always do the same by making sure I have a pack in his diaper bag, and the a new one in his suitcase!


Judah doesn’t need much (he is 3 months) but I always make sure I have a rattle on hand to place in front of him when pushing him around in his stroller, and even for him to have near by in his car seat. But for you mommas with older littles I would suggest bringing their fave toy to have on hand for when they get board. If you are blessed with a car that has TV’s put on their favorite Disney movie and ride! For those of you traveling via plane— get a new toy they have never seen. This will keep them busy when on the plane!


It’s winter in TN while I am writing this and typically anywhere we go even traveling its cold. These are good to have on hand if needed! When traveling in the summer you will most likely not need this item!

Baby Food + Travel Container:

We don’t need solids yet (next month) but I always pack a new container of formula for the trip and have my formula travel containers in my diaper bag!


Depending on your trip will depend if you feel like you will need this. But here recently we have taken it everywhere we go and have been so thankful we did because of all the walking it makes it easier!

Solly Baby Wrap:

I could talk all day about this bad boy! Makes me so happy! I was so scared to use it at first cause I had no idea what I was doing but I watched this youtube video and after a couple times became a professional myself! This is the best for plane rides, or walking around for long periods of times. Or I even use it if I need Judah to take a nap while we are out and about, the boy could sleep through the Passion Conference as long he was attached to me in that thing!

Laundry Soap:

I always have this on my list but depending on the length of the trip depends on if I pack this or not! But we love the dref brand and I use a travel container place some in there and pack it away! Makes it easier not having so many large containers!

Added if Flying

Car Seat:

This can come across stressful but it’s really typically very easy! Cody and I have been lucky every flight and have been able to take it on, but if not they Ould just take it at the gate with your stroller, take it, and when you get off the plane BOOM it will be waiting right there for you to grab and go!

Travel Stroller:

There are so many brands, but honestly friends we just use our stroller and have had zero issues with that! It’s not the smallest to pack but realistically I don’t want a stroller for every mood I have. But those of you would like something smaller I have linked the perfect one here! It can be a stinking backpack! SO COOL!

Birth Certificate or Shot Records:

These are important and used to prove babies age when checking in. Without them your baby would not be able to fly! For those who are traveling for adoption, make sure to have your adoption paperwork handy, especially the paperwork from the hospital that would show the babies DOB. True story, when we traveled to Dallas recently I totally packed the shot records, and they had already sent our bags and they said they were unable to get them back. Luckily I had the adoption PW saved on my phone and was able to show them that and they let us through. All that to say… don’t be me ha!


This is obviously for more of a toddler age, but a must when flying!

Ipad + Netflix:

I always said I wouldn't be the mom that hands my child an ipad to keep them quite.. but yes yes I will. Judah is only 3 months old but when Mickey Mouse Clubhouse comes on he is sold. But in all seriousness we already own the iPad and case perfect for traveling for when the time comes. We travel a lot and some flights are longer than others and if it can keep him happy (and the passengers happy) thats what we will do! This would also work great for car travels as well! Just might want to use the headrest case instead!


International flights don’t forget this!

Large Trash Bag:

I know this one is odd, but this is only needed if you are going to check your carseat when you checkin. Some don’t even use this… but I am a clean freak, and I don’t want his car seat to get ruined so we bag that bad boy up!


Infant Tylenol:

If I travel anywhere I have this packed in his bag! You just never know!

Chest Rub:

In the winter months we use this every night!

Gas Drops + Dark Karo Syrup:

This may seem odd but our pediatrician told us these are always a must to have on hand! One Gas Drops help for the obvious and two, Karo Syrup is great if baby gets constipated! When traveling or even flying it can mess with them causing constipation so I always like having some just in case! For the amount you should use call your pediatrician!


Another odd one but a must when your baby is a PK. Lots of travel and most travel includes loud worship! (just the way we like it) but recently we went to passion and it was great having these! I will say the older he gets it will be even better, but even at this age I was glad we had them!

Pack n Play:

I consider this an extra because most hotels offer them, so always check! Plus if you are traveling to see family and friends there is a good chance they have one as well so you might not need to take up more space with yours! BUT if you are in the market for one, we LOVE ours for so many reasons but my all time favorite part about it is having the changing table attachment!

Dock a Tot:

If you have a newborn this is a MUST have! We absolutely adore our Dock a Tot and use it a lot! We still use it now mostly for tummy time because, he takes all his naps in his crib! But for mommas who are not comfortable with their baby doing that just yet, you will want one! They seriously are the best, and made with the best materials and super safe! We actually even have the travel bag you can get for them and it not only keeps it safe and clean, but allows you more space when traveling!

Diaper Bag so no need to pack

Alright, so I will be writing a review over my diaper bag and sharing the items I always make sure to have in there another day, but since this blog is about packing I think it’s important that y’all know what I have on me at all times and that I consider a MUST, so I don’t really have to pack them when traveling because I already have them!


Nose Frieda:

And all God’s people said AMEN! Seriously I said I WILL NEVER DO THAT. I notice every time I say that I am wrong. But you will want to make sure you always have this! Nothing is worse than your baby not being able to breathe through their little nose, and with this product it’s not even an issue! Can I just add also that we have never ever even had the “boogie” or snot get anywhere near our mouths, so if that is your concern do not fear… and order this nowwwww. #lifechanging

Nasal Drops + Boogie Wipes:

Look at me with all the nose action tips. But the great thing about the drops is one it helps their nose not to dry out, and two if there is a boogie to far back there the drop help bring it forward! Boogie wipe do exactly what you think they would and the smell AMAZING.

Babybum Mini:

This is one of my all time favorite baby tools because I never have to worry about getting the butt paste all over my hands! Its small and doesn’t take up any space in your bag! We have the full size one at his changing table and it honestly just makes your life easier. Especially when you are in a rush because you are changing your baby in some nasty bathroom. Unless you live in Texas and are at a BUCEES.

Destin Diaper Rash Paste:

We don’t mess around and Judah get’s this almost every diaper change! They make a travel size one and we have never had to buy another one!

Pacifier Wipes:

If you didn’t know these were a thing, you’re welcome… but if you did then I am sure you are like me and love them. I can’t help the fact that I am such a clean freak but I am also aware that my sweet little nugget immune system is so tiny right now and I want to protect that however I can! These totally help with that. Not to mention if you drop it in dirt I doubt you’ll be licking that off.


We always keep two on hand, and one special one for teething! The two we keep are his Philips ones that match the nipple on his bottle. The other one we most recently started having on hand at all times because of teething. My best friend actually gifted these to us when he was first born and he was never really a fan up until 3 months and then it became his all time favorite!

Waterproof Changing Liners:

Can’t live without these! I even use them at home!

I hope having this list is helpful to you, and that if you didn’t have something on here that you were Abel to order it for your next trip! I love having this list because it helps me be prepared leading up to a trip!


until next time,

jordan mather

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