3 huge ways to simplify your life


If you know my then you know your girl likes order. You might call me a perfectionist. Or maybe I should just introduce myself as a 2 wing 1?! I think you get the point. I know right now everyone is watching that new Netflix series “Tiding Up with Marie Kondo” but I must admit I haven’t watched it yet! I am sure I would love it and most likely think she is my spirit animal but new momma does not equal starting new series! BUT thanks to all my friends on the gram I have seen everyone going through their things, making multiple trips to their local goodwill, and folding their shirts the only way I know how! But I would like to give 3 ways to simplify your life and then the next 30 days on my Instagram Stories I am going to be sharing practical things you can do to simplify! The things I will be sharing come from Emily Ley the founder and creator of the Simplify Journal. AKA to me the OG to all this Tiding Up hype!

I have had many request for me to do blog post on how Cody and I are choosing to live small, and minimalistic living, but like I mentioned before I am SOOO new to this as well I would instead of give advice, rather just invite y’all along on this journey with us. BUT I wanted to share 3 ways I have lived for years to keep things super simplified around #mathermoments.


I know what you’re thinking. “jordannnnn are you serious?! I was thinking something more like GO CLEAN OUT YOUR CLOSET GIRL” but I want to say hold on, slow down. THIS is sooo important. Many times in my life being perfect was something I was trying to obtain and I failed every time. That is exhausting. I have to remind my self daily to extend grace. I need it. As mommas especially when it comes to this you think “I need to do laundry” — “Car pickup” — “Get groceries”—-”Cook the perfect meal” — lets me honest ALL THE THINGS and then we compare to other mommas and it just gets messy. Sister, you don’t have to worry about any of those things because sometimes saying yes to letting things get a little out of control equals you were able to spend more time with your family and that equals a win. So before we even move forward I have to start with grace.

“But to each on of us G R A C E has been given as Christ apportioned it.” - Ephesians 4:7

and boy am I thankful. Y’all Jesus did not pay it all so we could worry and cry over dirty dishes. In order to simplify my life in the best way I start my day in prayer and reading. As many of you know I am reading through the Bible in 2019 (never done this before) and I am using the SHE READS TRUTH app to navigate what scriptures I am in daily. The only way I can truly be prepared for ALL THE THINGS is starting here.


Do you ever noticed that indulging in Netflix all day and eating all the sweets doesn’t truly bring you rest? Just makes you more tired? Same. In order for me to be my best self I have to make sure I am supplying myself with great nutrition and a little sweat action at some point! If you want to know what workouts I do check out this blog but it can be more than that in order to take care of yourself.


What books are you reading? I am trying to read one a month for 2019 and this I believe encourages my mental health and increases my knowledge. I hate reading y’all, like HATE. So I am the e-book girl and it has been a game changer in meeting this goal. ALSO podcast are so awesome. If you need some pep in your step there are some incredible ones to check out but currently I am listening to those that encourage my online business and inspire me to create content worth reading. So get creative and find a book that would truly encourage you today!


I am terrible at this. Honestly I would consider it to be a little sinful sometimes… but my brain never shuts off, always running 90 to noting and I truly believe there is always something to be done. But in order to take care of myself yo girl needs to rest. Something I am starting THIS WEEK is no more Instagram on Sunday’s. That is my day to fully engage with my family and leave work to Monday. I do enjoy the gram, but it takes up a lot of my time. It’s not just the gram but my phone in general. I’ll have it, responding to text is fair game, but the scrolling game I so easily get sucked into—- yeah that’s got to go. So what day a week can you step back from the thing that is taking you away from your family?

want some more ways to rest check out from the OG I was telling y’all about by clicking HERE


AHH. The one I feel like so many of you have been waiting for. From your home, car, and even your cell phone this is a must and I’d like to share some of my key things, and then talk abut how y’all can join me this month decluttering your space!

First I’d like to quote Emily Ley on her thoughts on decluttering

Remove anything that gets in the way of your joy. The Konmari method is great, but I think the concept of simplicity goes even further than removing physical clutter. If we’re seeking a life of simplicity and joy, we’ll need to eliminate anything that drains us, even routines or practices we’ve grown used to. If Instagram is distracting you and causing anxiety, delete it (or move the icon to another screen). If your kids’ twice-weekly soccer practice adds stress to your routine and keeps you from connecting as a family, re-evaluate. If home-cooking meals every single night puts you on edge until dinnertime is over, think about if it’s worth it. Every commitment and routine and expectation comes with a trade-off. Think about if the investment is worth the emotional and physical energy, and remove (or delegate) anything that doesn’t add a sense of vibrancy to your life and home.”

Boom. She has been inspiring me for years, and honestly a huge part of how I keep our home simplified. This month I am going to share her 30 day challenge on my INSTA STORIES so join me there and check in to see what each day has in store. By the end of the month you’ll feel so accomplished and ready for spring! I think the biggest question I get is “how do I tackle my closet” and my rule is to go through each piece you own and ask “when is the last time I wore it” if you can’t remember it goes in the bag, don’t get sucked into the “well what if I need it for a cruise, or that party I’m probably never going to go too! HA! (that’s what I used to do) just chunk them. Then if you plan on purchasing new clothes our rule is NEW COMES IN— OLD GOES OUT. If I bring a new item in, one must go. Really makes you think twice about purchasing items. Something else I remind myself of is I can’t take any of these items into eternity so if we haven’t used them or thought about them in the last couple of month—- I don’t need them.

I hope this MOM TALK MONDAY was helpful— but also inspiring. I can’t wait to hear how all of y’all do this month decluttering your life! What room are you going to start with?! Let me know in the comments below!