dash with amazon

oh my word can I just say this blog might save all of you mommas (or anyone really) some time and frustration

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Recently I came across “Dash with Amazon” and if you don’t know what it is let me take a second to explain this amazing tool and why you need to order yours today!


What is Amazon Dash?

You know those items in your home that you feel like you are constanlty having to reorder? From toilet paper and paper towels, all the way to the detergent you use and that dog food you always forget to grab. Amazon has a button for those items, and with one click it will be at your house the very next day. That’s right next day. Oh and did I mention diapers and wipes fall into this category as well! #praisehands

How Does this even work Jordan?

So pressing the button sends a Wi-Fi signal to the Amazon Shopping app (or your amazon account), and orders new stock of whatever product the button is configured to order; the click also sends a message to the user's mobile phone, giving the user a half-hour to cancel. So when you choose the button of choice it will then allow you to select the items you want linked to that button. So for example we use and LOVE the pampers button. Right now on our amazon account I have it linked to size 2 diapers, when Judah needs a different size all I will have to do is adjust that in our account. Easy peezy.

So how do I set this up to use it after I order?

To get started with your Dash Button device, you’ll need the latest version of the Amazon app on your Android phone or iPhone- which is easy enough since most of us already have that on there! Once you do that follow these simple steps!

Ensure Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are enabled on your phone.

  1. Open the Amazon app and sign in to your account if prompted.

  2. Tap the Menu icon within the Amazon app, and then select Your Account

  3. Under Dash Devices, select Set up a new device. If prompted to choose a device type, select Dash Button(this is important cause I have another surprise for you at the end)

  4. Read the terms and conditions. If you agree to them, tap Agree & Get Started.

  5. Follow the prompts to connect the dash button to Wi-Fi.

  6. Select the product you’d like to reorder with your Dash Button device. Example: If you are setting up a Dash Button device for a brand of laundry detergent, you can select the scent and size of detergent you’d like during this step. again… #praisehands

  7. Confirm your 1-Click shipping and payment information. Your Dash Button device uses this information each time you place an order. Tip: To modify your 1-Click shipping and payment information, visit Manage Addresses and 1-Click Settings

  8. Tap Complete Setup to complete setup.

Do I seriously have to spend $4.99 for this product?

Yes! BUT! they give that $4.99 right back to you as a credit with your first order! So technically no, you don’t spend a dime on the button.

product photo amazon.jpg

no more talking Jordan show me where I can order these bad boys

by clicking any of these buttons it will take you to the page that shows you ALL THE BUTTONS they offer! So even if you don’t see one you use, click one and go find the one that works best for you! These are just our faves we use on repeat!

One last thing about these buttons! They can be placed anywhere and the backs have a stick adhesive if you wanted to use it you could stick it in your cabinets for drawers around your house! We don’t use that, but I do have them in drawers easy for me to grab and order when ready!

now drum roll please… y’all aren’t even ready for this

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watch me in action

Now… I know what you are saying. Jordan THIS IS AMAZING! But I don’t need buttons and this magic wand… and to that I say I totally agree! But I had to share both because, some people only order certain items from amazon making the buttons the more simple route. But the wand is a must and we will be retiring our buttons for this amazing tool! Ours has been ordered and I can’t wait to start using! I mean Groceries have never been easier. The all new Amazon Dash Wand with Alexa helps you find recipes, convert cups to ounces, buy and reorder essentials, find nearby restaurants and more. Say it or scan a barcode. It’s added to your shopping cart. Just say “paper towels.” LIKE WHAT! Andddd it’s water-resistant, durable design, and magnetic so you can stick it on your fridge. Also all of you who are like I need a gift to bring to this party and can only spend $20. You’re welcome. You’ll be the best gift bringer everrrr.

order mine now

Hope this #momtalkmonday post was as exciting and helpful for y’all as it was for me!