5 ways to stay active in 2019

I am so excited about today’s post, and it just so happens to be my first ever guest writer for mom talk Monday’s! #whoop I like to keep things fun around here and I hope the info shared on these Monday’s is something you can purchase to make your life easier or even something tangible you can apple to your life for the better. So with that being said I teamed up with my gal pal Ashley to bring you 5 tips to staying active in 2019 and y’all are in for a treat!

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Hey! I am Ashley Holifield a pastors wife, girl mom times 2 and online health and fitness influencer! I help pair women up with fitness and nutrition programs to meet their needs and goals! A plan that is flexible for the busy life many of us lead and one that is affordable and maintainable!! Thanks to Jordan for asking me to share a few tips on how to stay active in practical ways this year!

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Most of us probably have exercise more and eat healthier on our lofty list of goals, resolutions and to-dos. But we all know its not the goals that make us successful, otherwise we would all reach our goals. It the commitment to the process, your growth and purpose that drive you to reach those goals that will determine what you accomplish! So take your pen back out and next to that goal write WHY you want to exercise more and eat healthier! Attaching a bigger reason behind the goal will give you a better drive to do it on the days you don’t want to! We all know its easy to push exercise to the side and fill our time with other things! So post that reason why on your mirror, in your car, kitchen and anywhere that will help remind you that you made that commitment and this is WHY! So kick the excuses out and put the shoes on and get it done girl! 


We often think if we don’t do a certain workout, get to the gym or have an hour in the day to devote to exercise then it’s just not happening today! WRONG! Even if your day is packed commit to moving at some point! Taking the stairs, standing more instead of sitting, walk a couple times around the block, take the dog for a quick walk, chase your toddler up and down the hall, put on a quick 10 minute workout video! Even on the days you think you can’t YOU CAN! Those little extra times of moving give you a burst of energy and add up through the week! Obviously a workout is great too! But remember to be a good workout it doesn’t have to be an hour long session on the treadmill! It can be knocked out with a killer 20-30 minute all around workout! Make the most of your time and keep moving!


One thing I hear over and over is I don’t like to workout. I can’t stay motivated. It’s hard for me to do. Guess what? Exercise is like black coffee…I mean does anyone LOVE black coffee when they first try it?? (and don’t lie) It’s an ACQUIRED taste! You start with sugar and cream, then one day you end up drinking it black! OR you keep the sugar and cream in…either way it’s usually something we try different ways until we find what we like! SO is exercise! To those that tell me they don’t like it I say you just haven’t tried the right flavor! There’s something for everyone! Finding a workout that you ACTUALLY like is KEY! Not just doing it because everyone else is or it’s supposed to be the one that burns 1,000,000,000 calories…but one you can actually do and enjoy while doing it! I promise you won’t last long doing a workout that you don’t enjoy! However, when you find something you don’t hate…hey the first two tips of committing and actually moving won’t be so hard to do! So my advice to you is keep trying different flavors until you find one you like!


To the busy student staying up late to cram for exams and finish research and the overwhelmed momma trying to do it all I want to tell you that YOU need to put yourself on your list of priorities too! We get so busy and caught up in doing it all and getting it all in that we forget to pour into our own health and often end up exhausted, overwhelmed or sick and forced to slow down. Let’s stop this vicious cycle by putting health in our list of priorities! A 30 minute exercise is just 2% of your day!!! That’s it! If you are being honest you probably spend at least that scrolling your phone! I think we owe ourselves at least 2%, don’t you? God did not create us to be busy, overwhelmed and overworked. Let’s slow down, rework our priorities and show a little love to ourselves so we can give 100% of our best to the other 98% in the day! Deal?


Together is better. Every time. Before I started the health and wellness community I would often start a workout and taper off after a couple of weeks. I would only be half in. I could never actually finish a workout program or stick with the gym schedule I created. It wasn’t until I plugged into a community and actually connected that I stuck with it! Two years later and I can honestly say this is the LONGEST I have stuck with healthy eating and exercise! And I’m not just saying I’m a member of the group, I am an ACTIVE member. I show up and share when I workout, share when I don’t feel like it and CONNECT with these fellow busy women on the same journey as me! We are in this together and when we show up we are pushed to keep going and stick with it! There’s something so motivating and encouraging about seeing other women in similar stages in life getting done! We share tips that work for us and ways to help! This is not a group of perfection by any means but a group that understands we are moving and making progress and that adds up!

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Maybe you can relate to needing that extra support and would love a community of like minded women to walk this journey with. Maybe you are overwhelmed and can’t seem to find the time or fit it in and need to make you a priority again. Maybe you just haven’t found your flavor yet and need to try something new. Maybe you thought for exercise to be affective it had to be intense or time consuming and need new quick workouts. Maybe you have never been able to commit and are afraid to try again and need that extra push! I GOT YOU GIRL!! My passion is to help women find what works for them! My health and wellness community is a place to overcome it all and see results! We work from the inside out focusing on who Christ says we are and from there loving ourselves through health and fitness! I encourage you to reach out and learn more! Happy to chat and help you in anyway I can!