shopping with the blue door boutique + 10% off code


Good morning friends.. well at least when I was writing this it was in fact 7 am! I am so excited about this blog post because I am getting to share with all of you one of my go-to boutiques! While in college I came across this brand and instantly fell in love and told my friends they had to check it out! Marshall, TX (at the time) didn't have a lot of options so I found Blue Door and never looked back! I have been shopping there for years, so as you can imagine have multiple clothing items from them but I wanted to tell you about some of them because they are all SO different. But that is one of my favorite parts about this boutique, women of ALL ages, sizes, and personalities can shop and find something they love and feel fantastic in! The dress I wore leaving my wedding day was purchased from The Blue Door! The cutest pants ever that both my bestie and myself wore the night she got engaged were purchased from them! My easter romper that all of you raved about was also purchased from The Blue Door! Honestly, the list could go on and on but I'll try and not bore you with the past and show you some cute items they are releasing TODAY!


Boy mom that is! Ha Sorry, I had to, still on cloud 9 finding out that our sweet baby we are adopting is a BOY! But that reminds me to tell all of you this sweater is PERFECT for the woman or girl on a mission with 99 problems, but your clothes can't be one. Can I get an amen? This sweater is perfect and super comfy. As you can tell it fits a little baggy, but most of us lades like it that way!  


The detail around the neckline is one of my favorite parts because you don't even have to worry about adding a necklace! (check that off the list) It's perfect in all the right reasons ladies, you are going to want this for the fall! The Lyla Criss Cross Sweater is a dream!


Want to dress it up some? My go to move... add a hat. Works every time. 


Okay! I am seriously so excited about this piece! This grey tunic is PERFECT for the fall, and winter, and honestly anywhere because look at it. When Cody and I went to NYC I was on the hunt for one of these bad boys, and was very unsuccessful finding one. I guess Cody needs to take me back because this one is perfect!  


For the shoot I paired it with an olive long sleeved shirt I purchased years ago! Check out my Instagram stories to see it paired with a button up! I wanted to show yall a close up of the material though. Besides the fact that it is grey, and perfect for the season it is incredibly comfortable and lightweight! The Corley Ribbed Tunic is a MUST HAVE!


The back is a dream as well! Obsessed with the v-shapped neckline! Y'all she is just perfect! 


Lastly, I want to take a second to show off these earrings that go live on their website today! They match everything yall! Seriously if you have been following me a while you know I stick to all gold, and super petite styled earrings BUT these changed my life. They are still not too flashy but big enough to make the perfect statement! The color flow is gold, with grey, white, ad beige beads. I honestly would say these are a staple piece for your wardrobe! 




That's a wrap friends hope you find something you love! As promised I have a code for all of you to receive 10% off your purchase! The code will be one the button below that will take you to their website make sure to enter it in at the checkout! Are you ordering something?! Tag me on instagram or facebook so I can see! I love doing life with yall!