baby mather is a...


As I sit here typing this out I am just so overwhelmed with excitement, and I wish all of you could have been there after we found out to see Cody. The closest I could describe how he was acting was our wedding day. Some of you are wondering what took us so long to announce the gender, so I wanted to let each of you know as to why we didn't go "live" on Facebook or Instagram last night. This sweet baby has two mommas, and one is walking through the hardest decision of her life, Cody and I love her, she is my hero. So first we wanted to respect her and he wishes. In the majority of our training they said typically the moms will not want information shared until placement happens, but I am writing this because our sweet momma gave us permission to shout it from the roof tops, she was actually eager to here what everyone thought. So since she has given permission for this information to made known public we are incredibly happy to announce...   

1 baby reveal.JPG
2 baby reveal.JPG
3 baby reveal.JPG
4 baby reveal.JPG
act 5 baby reveal .JPG
5 baby reveal .JPG
6 baby reveal .JPG
7 baby reveal .JPG
8 baby reveal .JPG
9 baby reveak .JPG


Baby Mather now has a name! 

Judah Wayne Mather. Oh my goodness you are so loved. 

We want say thank you to My best friend Paige who had to keep this secret from me the last week (how else could we get this cake made?!) Isaac Pittman who captured all these moments for us, to our family and friends who got on live to watch the reveal, to our church family who surrounded us last night with tears, laughs, and love, and to all of YOU who have been praying, loving, and supporting us through this process every step of the way. We honestly could not do it without y'all.



October 6th where you at?!


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