app explained


Hey friends! I have had lots of DM's of people asking how exactly to use the LTK app so I wanted to create a blog post to explain it as best as I could! 

It allows you to shop the outfits I post on instagram from your phone, if you “like” the photo. The new app makes shopping my outfits SOOOO much easier – and not only from instagram! You can now shop anything I post on instagram, instagram stories, pinterest, and more by screenshotting the picture!! It is really neat, and super easy!

The awesome thing about following on the app is you don't have to wait for my weekly round up emails! Just follow and shop!


So if you start seeing a little heart in the corner of my pictures, thats because they are now able to be shopped!! Not sure if I just made some of your lives a little easier, or more dangerous... either way I think this is a fun way to share life! 

I wanna know what y'all think! Or if you have any questions! Let me know in the comments below!