home reveal- living room/kitchen


Hey Friends! I love that so many of you wanted a tour of the home, this has seriously been so fun for me. I love all things home decor, and homes in general for that matter. For as long as I can remember I enjoyed touring, organizing, and cleaning homes. I mean it's to the point where if my friends are building, or even looking for a new home or apartment I am like SEND ME ALL THE PHOTOS. It's just something I really enjoy! 


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Around here I like to keep things to the minimal. I have a heart for shiplap, and pretty much all nurtural tones. When Cody and I moved to TN we purchased a home already built, so the colors were already chosen for us, and to save a buck I said we will work with the house already has! Andddd because I really don't enjoy painting. Like at all. HA! What is so funny is this home really reminds us of the house we built in TX, everyone who saw that house, and comes to visit us here is like they are so similar! 

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Okay! I am really excited to tell y'all about my pillow covers! YES COVERS! H&M has a line for home decor and the pillow covers were only $5 bucks! They have so many colors and types, some can cost up to $30 but the ones on my couch were only $5 you just can't beat that! Did I mention they have fall colors?!





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Our home is an open concept so the kitchen and living space is all in one room! I love it because when we have guest we can all be together in the same room! 

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I like simple touches, that keep things feeling like home! Old books are my jam!

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Our dining room is one of my favorite parts, nothing to fancy or flashy but this table was built by Cody's dad, and the bench by Cody. I can't wait to have many family meals with all our children around this table. 



Hope y'all enjoyed this little tour! What is your favorite space in your home?! I want to know!