home reveal- baby mather addition / our registry


I am so excited to finally be sharing my FAVORITE room in the house right now! Baby Mather's room! We are so thrilled to be officially matched! Though I can't share details with all of you right now, soon y'all will all get to meet our little nugget. Walking through adoption we knew we wouldn't know the gender of the baby when we started decorating so the room is gender neutral. What is hilarious is this is how I have always wanted the babies room to look, even if I knew the gender. As many of you know I am a Disney freak, and if you didn't SURPRISE. Cody trusted my judgement and let me run with how I wanted it to look! 

As you can see from the picture above we put up shiplap (is anyone shocked) While my best friend was in town in July we painted it white and then hung the sign. (by we I mean Paige..) I have gotten so many questions about the sign above the crib! We ordered it from "The House of Belonging" she actually isn't making signs anymore so whatever is on her website is on super sale! We got this sign personalized to match the theme of the room. This is a quote from my all time favorite Steamboat Willie! 


Cody and I were so blessed because we found out from our friends at Life Group Baby's R Us was going out of business so we went and purchased the crib, changing table, stroller and carseat and were able to get everything 50% off! The crib, and changing table was even cheaper due to being their floor models, and the crib EVEN EVEN cheaper because it was broken and Cody (being the handy man he is fixed it)  I will link similar items at end of post! 


to purchase mirror click here


We were so blessed by our friends who gave us our chair for the babies room! They no longer needed it and gave it to us! The curtains I ordered from Kirklands because I had a gift card, and a coupon that made it to where I paid for both panels at only $28!! The basket for the toys was also purchased there.


I can't wait to have baby photos in these frames but until then this is what it looks like! Ha! We are obsessed with bedtime stories around here, and I can't wait o fill these shelves with more books! 


As soon as Cody and I found out we were active we were told it would be a good time to register for all the baby things, since we weren't sure on a timeline it would be best to be prepared! And boy were they right! So Cody and I are registered at Target! I have had many of you asking, and though it seems odd to share, I have attached a link to the items we registered for HERE.

We feel so blessed by all of you to walk along this journey with, I know I have mommas interested in some of the baby items in the room so I have those linked below! 

I thought it would be fun to share some words of wisdom in the comments below! So all you mommas out there! Help a sister out! Any books I should be reading? Your favorite items you couldn't live with ought! etc! 


In the meantime I will sit and wait on that sweet face! I love doing life with all of you!