when in dallas


Ahh! I am so excited to write this blog! As a lot of you know last week I drove from TN to Dallas to have a girls weekend! 10 hours in the car is not as bad as it seems. I was pretty worried about that long of a drive, but luckily one of my friends from TN is ALSO from TX and had family she wanted to visit so she hitched a ride with me! It made it easier and honestly the time flew by between us stalking police officers on waze and jamming out to my 2008 playlist. Yeah thats right, that was a pretty good year for pop. HA!


First things first.. where did I stay?! 


When we started planning the girls weekend we wanted to stay in a hotel so we didn't bother friends and family who lived in the area with all of our plans! BUT staying at just your typical hotel seemed like a waste of money too! We wanted an experience! And boy did we get that! Nylo is located in the Frisco, Plano area and they actually only have 5 hotels in the whole world. Their BIG thing is at this particular location is making you feel that instead of a hotel you are in a loft! The hotel comes with a sauna (Paige and mines first experience in one of those, and we LOVED it! We had no clue there were even health benefits to it, we both get cold so easily I think we just enjoyed being warm! HA!), outdoor heated pool, and a lively first-floor restaurant that was super nice! Not to mention it was right next to a Starbucks, the Shops of legacy, Toyota Stadium, and even Dr. Pepper Ballpark!

The Rooms

They were incredibly comfortable and seriously I had never experienced this type of hotel before! If you are thinking.. wow Jordan the lighting was terrible, I took the photos when I arrived and it was night time.. so yes.. lighting was terrible. BUT you can still see the vibe of the room! The design elements were like exposed brick walls, polished concrete floors, and oversized windows form the building blocks of your stay. Paige and I loved this part, some of the rooms have the beds located in a different spot so you would actually get a full wall window! The rooms also come with downy soft pillows, comfy linens, a deeply plush bed, and a luxurious spa rain shower!!!

Seriously super nice! If you are ever traveling that area STAY THERE! This is not an ad. Actually the majority of the stuff I share with y'all isn't. I don't get paid to blog (wouldn't that be nice) this is something I enjoy doing. Sharing life is fun! Espeically when I have all you incredible readers, all that to say.. NYLO didn't tell me to say these things, it's just TRUE! You can book through them directly, or even use things such as Expedia to find yourself good deals! 


Second thing to address.. Where should I get breakfast (because it is the greatest meal of the day)



I have been going to this place for years. IT IS THE BEST! The seriously have anything you could ever want on their menu, but picture going over to your grandmothers house for EVERY MEAL of the day. Hmmm Perfect! The cool thing about spoons is it's located in Historic Downtown McKinney, and housed in a converted 1920’s building that was originally the Texas Power and Light company. The atmosphere is fun, and casual! I really enjoy that the cafe is designed with an open kitchen that allows you to watch them as they cook your meals! Breakfast is served all-day (insert all the praise hands) and they actually have a garage at the top of the restaurant that you can rent for events!



That's right! All my GF friends out there this mom and pop kitchen cooks things just for us as well. I was seriously praying they would have pancakes, waffles, of French toast, and when I saw on the menu I could get GF bread, I asked our waitress if French toast was possible and she said YES. Did I cry?! No.. almost.. okay maybe a little. JK! But seriously it was so tasty and inexpensive! $7.50 for my entire meal! DONE! 


Where or where should I get my ice-cream fix?!



Listen, your girl still went to Braums and got her self something because it would have been sinful to do anything else, BUT I had never had a Steel City Pop and anyone and everyone I knew had. I was very intrigued to try them because I knew they were made made local, no GMO, no gluten, no artificial flavors.. AKA the dream world of ice-cream for all of us health nuts! 

They were so yummy! Tasha and Paige really love their Strawberry Lemonade flavor, and Paige gave me a bite, and it was amazing! Totally quenched my thirst! I took advantage of the fact that I could have cookies and cream because it was GF! I also might have gotten white chocalte drizzle because I am extra. 

This was a much needed trip! I talk to these girls daily on the phone but it was so nice to finally be in person. I hadn't seen Tasha since the summer before, and Paige since November! So thankful that even though we all live in different areas we can get back together as if we lived right next door to each other. Having sisters you can do life with is SO IMPORTANT. Don't seclude yourself from building relationships with people! I don't know what I would do without these two. 


Last but certainty not least, PIZZA?! 


dad and dallas.jpg

While in town, my daddy and step momma drove up to see me since I was so close and treated me and the girls to PIZZA! Cadillac Pizza is actually right across from SPOONS Cafe so if you are spending the day in that area, you could totally eat at both these places. I will say the Cadillac Pizza is a smaller building so make sure you get there early and put your name down so you don't have to wait! They cook all their pizzas in a wood fire oven making them extra delish, and they have live music to entertain you most nights! I ordered their GF meat lovers and it was perfect! No complaints. My dad even said "It looks the same as ours!" So that tells you they are doing something right! I linked their menu above so if you are ever in the area check it out!!


Hope y'all enjoy this blog! I will be going back to Dallas in July! In the comments below let me know where we should eat and what all we should do!