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Did you hear?! I am modeling for an online boutique called August Cloth and I am pretty sure this picture explains how I feel about it. In all seriousness I can't even believe I am writing about this. Me? Model? HA! I might just be the most awkward person behind the camera... like ever. We joke that our friends at Black Mountain Cinema will forever have to be the ones to take our family pictures because we all sorta don't know what we are doing. Yet they always make us look so beautiful! Let me tell you one thing I am good at is laughing.. I laugh when I am uncomfortable so, when you see a lot of shots with my mouth wide open you now have the back story to whats going on in my head.. "OMG OMG OMG... I HOPE I AM DOING THIS RIGHT.. JUST SMILE AND WAVE.. NO YOU IDIOT DON'T WAVE THIS IS A PHOTO"... andddd laugh **photo taken above**

It's sorta funny how God brings people together. I feel extremely humbled that Crystal saw something in me and asked me to be apart of what God has been doing through her. I don't want this blog post to be about me and my awkwardness. I want this blog to be about how amazing of a company August Cloth is and how all you ladies reading this need to be apart! 


Meet August Cloth

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Hi! I’m Crystal and I am the owner of August Cloth, a clothing boutique with a heart to provide women with stylish, feminine, and modest clothing that makes life easy! I am married to the man of my dreams, John Paul. We spent 10 years in full-time student ministry (Alabama and Virginia) and now serve at Lifeway in Nashville, TN. We are on an adventure together and we absolutely love it. Our greatest adventure yet is parenting our two boys: Levi (4 years) and Titus (3 years).

I never dreamed of owning an online women’s clothing boutique. In fact, I have my dream job – being a wife and mommy. But the Lord always does more than we can ask or imagine, doesn’t He?! This past summer we were in the trenches of fundraising for our second adoption. As we asked the Lord to provide financially, He gave us a strong desire to do more for families that were on a similar journey! And so the dream of August Cloth was born! 

At August Cloth, clothes are a means to an end. The cake that serves as a platform for the icing, if you will (and who wouldn’t). God captured our hearts with the beauty of adoption 5 years ago and He hasn’t let them go. Our prayer for August Cloth is that it will be a champion for orphan care. We also pray that God uses it to help many families with the financial burden of welcoming children into forever families. Adoption is a costly calling, but we believe many hands make light work. More importantly, we believe that it’s a privilege to care for the fatherless. We’re going to love providing women with cute clothes that allow her to go out (or stay in) and love her people fiercely. But we’re going to reaaaaally love rallying together to celebrate orphan care and the One who stopped at nothing to adopt us as His own. 

We can’t wait to see what God does.



Isn't she amazing?! The funnier part is that Instagram brought us together, and the small world of knowing the same people! God is good like that. I wanted to share with y'all some of my favorite looks she has for sale right now, as well as give y'all a code for 15% off!!! WHAT WHAT!!!! 


The Good Morning Gardenia Dress

Denim never felt so good. Loose, 3/4 sleeves that can cuff above the elbow with a button tie make the Good Morning Gardenia Dress the perfect dress for the changing seasons! The dreamiest medium wash denim shift dress has the princess seams + pockets! Y'all know how I feel about denim!! This dress honestly could be worn in the spring, summer, and even fall! 


The Eu(calyptus) Had Me at Hello Top

They don't come sweeter. Or more comfortable! The Eu(calyptus) Had Me At Hello Top has the butteriest, stretchable fabric. It's lightweight fabric makes this top perfect for the spring, summer, and fall. The round neckline and pinstriped ruffle details along the arms and waist provide just the right of amount of fancy for a t-shirt kind of day. You are going to want to order this NOW!


The Peony in Paradise Top

Cute, comfy, and casual, all in one little tee! This vintage washed, french terry cloth short sleeved top has a rounded, scoop neckline and layered detailing at the hips. The Peony in Paradise Top is made of super soft and stretchable fabric. You'll want to do everything is this top! Of all the outfits I modeled this was my favorite! I truly believe this top would look flattering on anyone, and who doesn't want a pair of super comfy black skinnies with holes in the knees right now?!


The You're a Wildflower Darling Bathing Suit

Where my modest girls at?! Spring break is around the corner and you are going to need this! This one piece abstract floral bathing suit has a flattering ruffle around the bust and upper back. The You're a Wildflower Darling suit has an open back with adjustable criss-cross straps. White lining throughout the inside as well as supportive, removable cups. Not to mention it is very flattering, fashionable, and a huge one for me modest! We all know those are incredibly hard to come by! 

Okay now for what you opened this blog for! This discount code you'll need at checkout is 


At checkout place that code in and boom 15% off! Now, let me let you in on a little secret I just so happen to know that you have the opportunity to get a discount on your next 3 orders! Let me tell you how!  

After you order your amazing beautiful outfits using JORDAN15, make sure you sign up for their newsletter -- you will then receive an email for 15% off your next order, thennnnn remember those amazing beautiful outfits you ordered using JORDAN15?!? Well when that order arrives you will have a little card for Crystal offering you another 10% off!! WHAT?!? All that to say you need to stop reading this and start shopping! 

In the comments below tell me your favorite August Cloth item!