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Y'all, here recently I have been revamping my closet with pieces I can wear year round. Capsule pieces are my favorite but I have been on the hunt for a pair of overalls! I know, I am 5 years old. But something about them makes me get all nostalgic and giddy inside. Plus, I think we could all agree we love them and they are super comfy!   

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I know this blog is all about the spring, but I would like to add that overalls honestly can be worn year round, maybe for the next couple of months I will be pairing them with my favorite sandals and birkenstocks, but come fall you could throw on your favorite sneakers or booties and BOOM outfit complete!

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My overalls were purchased at the GAP FACTORY-- something about saying I have a pair of overalls from the GAP makes me feel extra 90s and I hope one day to have a daughter I can pass them down too. Y'all I told y'all I am freak, I can't help the way my brain works! But honestly... we know good and well overalls are something that make their way through the fashion industry over, and over again. I'm not mad about it! 

One of my all time favorite drinks is sweet tea! (in a mason jar) I am not huge on soda, but I grew up drinking sweet tea everyday! I wanted to share my go to recipe with all of you, now I am not saying it's perfect.. but I am saying its southern approved. Soooo

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Sweet Tea Recipe 

  • 4 bags of Lipton Cold Brew Tea 
  • 2 cups of sugar 
  • your favorite mason jar mug

Place your 4 bags into your gallon and fill the water to the top. Let the tea sit out on your counter for 4 hours, (it only says it needs 1 but the longer it sits the better in my book) After that, remove the tea bags, and place the 2 cups of sugar in and stir. Once you are done stirring you can go ahead and pour you a glass in your favorite mason jar, or stick in the fridge for later!

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What are your favorite spring trends? Let me know in the comments below! 

Outfit Details:   Overalls  |  Shirt  |  Necklace

Outfit Details: Overalls | Shirt | Necklace

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