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           Cardi ,  neck tie ,  jeans ,  top ,  watch

          Cardi, neck tie, jeans, top, watch

First off, I want to start this blog off by saying I don't have a perfect science at the grocery store, nor do I think many people will have takeaways from this blog.. but I have had multiple people ask for this blog, and I have laughed all of them off. Recently my friend Gabby sent me a text message asking that I write a blog about what I buy at the grocery store, as well as how do I meal prep. REALLY?! I am just in shock people are actually interested in this?? But at the same time so excited to share! So Gabby, it might only be you and about 6 others who read this blog but I hope it meets all your expectations because I am dedicating the blog post to you!

Thanks for believing in me, reading along, and keeping me on my toes about what I write about. You the real MVP Mrs. Malone. 

When shopping for groceries I am a huge proponent on keeping it basic, and cheap. I typically will buy a full months load at the beginning of the month, and then on a weekly basis get the small things we need (new fruit, maybe we ran out of toilet paper, etc) That doesn't work for everyone though. Some of my friends go every two weeks and plan meals out that way, some of my friends are superheroes and can by a whole months worth in one load! 

Coupons are my best friend, and these days the majority of them are digital so you can load them on your choice of grocery stores app and when you check out they can all be applied. I am by no means the person in the check out line with so many coupons I end up getting 5 bottles of shaving cream for free.. HA! BUT I do get the things on my list, that I need at a cheaper rate which is amazing! I am going to list the coupons for the grocery stores I know my followers shop at! 

| Walmart | Target | Kroger | HEB |

I have attached my list of staples that we keep in the house at all times, because on any given day I might need one of the items listed! Click here for that list! This list will show a variety of things I keep inside our home, and might even give you some ideas when making your next shopping list! 

We have the busiest schedule and I feel like most days I am lucky to even sit down and make a grocery list, so I typically set aside the time on Friday's to meal prep the next week of meals. But something I have taken full advantage of is the Walmart Pick Up, or Click List at Kroger. If you don't know what those things are let me tell you.. a gift! A gift is what it is! You order you groceries online, and then schedule a time to pick them up. Yup, thats right you just pull up let them know you are there and they load your groceries for you. Some people call that being lazy, I call it being productive and helping me stay on my budget. While creating your list online you can keep up with the amount of money you are spending, and if you are like us then you are on a budget, and want to make sure to stay within it! It helps with the "oh hey, that such and such looks amazing, I bet I could make that, or need that, or OMG get in my belly" issue we all have and end up going over on budget. Make a list, and stick to it. By clicking the Walmart link above you will actually get $10 off your next order, and if you haven't taken advantage of the one at Kroger your first 3 pickups are free! 

But Jordan.. whats on your list?

Well, I will be honest. This is such a broad thing to answer. It changes weekly but there are some things I buy at the beginning of each month for our meal prepping and I wanted to add those things below as well as some recipes that are husband, and teenage boy approved, not to mention super healthy and keep you on track at meeting your fitness goals. 

Breakfast Items: links included 

  • Eggs
  • Turkey Bacon
  • GF Bread ( so I typically make this on Sunday's for the week from scratch (recipe to come) but I also will buy the RUDIS brand to keep in the freezer for things such as toast (cinnamon toast, and even garlic bread for spaghetti dinner nights etc) 
  • Fruit (I typically buy bananas, berries on sale, grapes, and apples)
  • Coffee
  • Creamer 
  • Sugar 

Lunch Items: links included

Snack Items: links included

Dinner Items: links included

**This dinner list is super basic. But having the chicken you could make multiple meals throughout the week. (Turkey bacon wrapped chicken, shredded chicken tacos, grilled chicken sandwiches, etc) Get creative! I look at it like this.. it's about $8 for a bag, and that can feed up at least three meals which is HUGE when staying on budget! 

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I plan on writing blogs about meals we eat at our table, because so many of you have showed interest in that! If I was to add all of those to this one email you wouldn't have time to read it! But just know those are things I am working on and stay tuned! Until then, use the links to meals above! But I want to know what y'all would like to see! Please comment below! Gluten Free recipes? How I make my gluten free noodles family and friends approved?! Mather Street Tacos? Y'all tell me!!