God's pursuit in loving me

 All photos taken by   Black Mountain Cinema  

 All photos taken by Black Mountain Cinema 

Time to break free from comparing myself to someone who isn't.. me. (anyone else?!) 

If you have been following along the last couple of weeks you know I have been upfront about shame, and comparison. It's the WORST. Something the enemy easily uses to distract females from their God given potential. Comparison always made me feel, not smart enough, pretty enough, creative enough, strong enough, just not enough in all aspects of my life. That is exhausting. Who wants to live like that? God's pursuit is a beautiful thing though

This past week I was reading in Jonah. I have no clue why I felt like I needed to go read Jonah but, I did. The story of Jonah starts off when the Lord calls Jonah to "Get up!" -- what does Jonah do? He runs like the human he is. Sound familiar? I know I don't have to tell you what happens next, but that boy ends up in the belly of a fish for 3 days and 3 nights.  Something I always think about when reading this story though is, why did he run?! If God called me into something I would be the first to do it! -- (laughs out loud) Lawd, we know thats the farthest from true. Jonah was more like me and you then we give him credit for. You know good and well when he heard God tell him "Get up! Go to the great city of Nineveh and preach against it because their evil has come up before me." He thought-- "I can't do that", "I am not smart enough" , "strong enough", "Know enough", "pick someone else God you got the wrong guy!" But again, God's pursuit in us is stronger than the enemies lies. 

Like Jonah, we have no chance at hiding. Like Jonah God wants us. Even when we feel flat, and not capable, he still calls out to you. That's the loving God we serve. Do I think sometimes Cody could have found a better wife?! YES! Do I think my friends could have someone else in their life better for them?! YES! Do I feel like the girls who have asked me to mentor them could honestly find someone more holy.. YES! But despite those feelings. Thoughts. Lies. Jesus gives people specific passions, desires, and callings. Even you; the one reading this. God sees you, don't run- unless it's into his arms. He has something ONLY YOU CAN DO to change and impact this world. If we continually let the enemy have power over us telling us otherwise, then we will miss it. 

Goodness I am thankful for God's pursuit on my life. It's like nothing I have ever experienced. 

                                                             Jordan's  $17 Jacket

                                                             Jordan's $17 Jacket

                                                                 Jordan's  Necklace  

                                                                 Jordan's Necklace 

                                                        Jordan's  Jeans , Jordan's  Shoes   

                                                        Jordan's Jeans, Jordan's Shoes  

                                                                 Jordan's  Earrings  

                                                                 Jordan's Earrings