fitness goals you can make today

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It's February, and so many of us made fitness goals we wanted to make in 2018, but can we take a second to pretend like January was a free month and we are ready to start NOW!? I know most of you know I have started this new fitness journey but I wanted to share some things you could do from the comfort of your home without the worry of making time to get to the gym. 

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Let's start with those who have never ventured into fitness before, or those who are new to the journey! 

  • Think about your goals. Trying to tone? Wanting to loose weight? Just want to be healthy? Then think about how many days you should begin to work out a week. Since you are just getting back into the swing of things I would suggest setting a goal for three times a week! (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday) - of those days don't work, you know your schedule better than me, just find the time and add it to your calendar! 
  • Get that heart rate up! Maybe you like to run? Dance? Walk your dog? etc. get creative! Whatever you choose try and do this for atlas 30-45 mins 
  • Accountability. This is the most important part. Great news is this time of the year, everyone is trying to meet their fitness goals. So find someone on the same journey as you and take them along for the ride. It's so easy to quit, but you have a friend along the way you are more likely to stay on track! 
  • Follow those who inspire. We all have social media accounts this week, so find someone who inspires you to be a better you! They are likely to be posting workouts, and even fun ways to eat healthy! 

The hardest part of this journey is just getting up and doing it. Trust me I know. But once you do you'll be so excited you did! Since starting I have a Facebook group of women who cheer each on daily. It is incredible. We are not only meeting our goals physically, we are growing together in our friendships and pointing each other back to Jesus!  If this sounds like something you want to be apart of click here

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Those of you who stay active all the time I wanted to encourage y'all to do some of the things me and my friends do! 

  • Challenge yourself. If your weights you are using are starting to feel like they aren't doing anything, move up. Truth is, yo girl just went from 5lbs, to 8lbs. WOWZA I know.. lol But honestly the reason we work out is to meet goals, and the way to do that is challenge ourselves! 
  • Add a day. Instead of just fitting working out in, or the typical 3 days a week. Go for the 5. Make it apart of your daily routine! 
  • Sign up for a 5k! These are so fun! Turkey Trots, Jingle Bell Runs, and they even have Zombie Runs. Grab a group of your girl friends and go have some fun! 
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Hope this was a fun read, and sorta got you wanting to get up and move! For my daily workouts, recipes and more follow me along on Instagram