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                                             Photography done by: Black Mountain Cinema  

                                            Photography done by: Black Mountain Cinema 

For a while I have been wanting to use my life to bring God glory by inspiring women around me. Something I have always been good at is communication. I thrive on relationships. I do best surrounded by people. But I am also a people pleaser so how does someone even do that? There are so many outlets pouring into our lives, right? Blogs, snapchat, the perfect world of instagram-- I was sorta lost at where to start. I have had a personal blog for years now,  that I really enjoy writing, but in the middle of  growth in our lives, (moving to a new state, new jobs, and to be honest the need to impress everyone) I got lost. BIG TIME.. I am all about being transparent, any of the girls I have ever gotten coffee with, or opened a bible with knows that. I had this issue of letting shame control my life. I let shame tell me no. I let shame control my thoughts, I let shame make me think people didn’t “like” me. So I quit. Deleted my blog, crawled in a hole (my closet) and cried. Why did I care so much about what others thought about me? Why was I so tempted by something Jesus already had rescued me from? Honestly why was this even about me?! Well the truth is, I was so worried about “being liked” I wasn’t listening to God awaken something in my soul.

I had this friend, who I didn’t know I needed at the time. She and my husband were in the same youth ministry growing up, and I had never really even said much other than “congrats on your engagement!” to her before, but she reached out and invited me to be apart of a community. My first thought.. Honestly.. “Oh boy here comes someone else trying to sell me something…” So I said no thanks, smiled and moved on. But I was watching her and she had something I wanted. Besides her physical transformation, getting to be a SAHM and pastor wife, and still make income for her family,  she had a community. I wanted all of the above. So I started working out, started eating foods my body actually needs, saw results, and became friends with women I had never even met before. It didn’t take long and I was asking her how I could become a coach, because it was so much more than getting fit. It was bringing people closer to Jesus along the way.  I saw this as an umbrella for me to inspire women to meet their God given potential not only physically but spiritually. 

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My Friend Tasha, said it to me on the phone one time so beautifully... 

Women who are healthy, filled with faith, and connected with a community can not only love themselves but their families and everyone around them.
— Tasha Ray

Wow. I honestly couldn't say it any better than that. What more are we called to do? The best part is everyone was so created so uniquely different that we each have our own ways of doing just that. Our creator is so creative. Starting this journey not only was I able to see women gain more confidence physically, I saw women transforming their life spiritually by jumping in to a community that celebrates victories, and walks with you through trials.

My vision as I start this journey is that women around me will experience an awakening in their heart, mind and body and will want to bring everyone they know along the way! If there is one thing I can set straight, it’s that you (yes the one reading this right now) you,  are beautiful right now, today. You don’t need to lose a certain amount of weight or tone a specific body part to be more beautiful. You have an audience of ONE, and that is your Creator. He made you in his image, beautiful and unique … and there is only one you. BUT as you were reading this you might be like me and want nothing more than to be apart....

So this is my personal invitation to each of you reading this saying..

“I want to be apart of this”

“I need community”

“I love working out”

“Working out isn’t my favorite, but I have been wanting to set new goals”

Join me on this journey. I am praying now that each of you reading this realize you were created for greatness no matter where God calls you. If you are interested in being apart of the journey and drawing closer to your goals, community and Jesus click HERE

Later this week I will be posting another blog about how to get started on a fitness journey along with some workouts you can do from home, and even fun recipe to make for Valentines that keeps you on track!