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Today I thought I would write a fun blog post!

Besides the DM's about my bible studies the one's I get most often are "What hair products do you use?" and "What shade of lipstick do you wear?" SO I wanted to write a blog about both, and do a giveaway!!!


As most of you know I recently went from being a bleach blonde gal to a brunette! (which is more of my natural hair color) I think it looks healthier on me so I am like okay Jordan.. you can do this. Yes, I give myself pep talks before doing anything to my hair. Don't you?

But, I never fear because my hair dresser here in Tennessee is the --  I am not just saying that. I am pretty picky about my hair, and I can typically find 1000 reasons why my hair dresser didn't do it just right. (yeah, I am that girl I am sorry hair dressers) BUT Jordyn has NEVER disappointed me. I always leave feeling 10x more confident then when I walked in. I wanted to talk about Jordyn for just a bit, and then I promise we will get to the giveaway. BUT it's important that each of you know the lady passing out the products.


Meet Jordyn Clark

Follow Jordyn:  Instagram  |  Facebook

Follow Jordyn: Instagram | Facebook

Jordyn is the mom to two beautiful kidos, a wife to a daily hero, and a champion in and out of the salon. Let me tell you why. Because she is only any of these things because her love for Jesus. I met Jordyn when I worked at the chiropractor office and she brought her family in to start being seen. Her bubbly personality is captivating the moment you meet her, and she always wanted to chat. Um.. if you know anything about me the you know that's my kind of girl! I was instantly like oh my word, I want to be friends. I had no clue she did hair. Started talking, found out she did hair so I scheduled an appointment and haven't looked back since. 

My first hair appointment with Jordyn she brought me to tears. Without even being prompted she shared with me her testimony. BOLD. For all she knew I could have not been a Christian, still she shared how Jesus took broken things in her life and made them new. (he is good at that) 

Every chance Jordyn and I get we are getting coffee, talking about the books we are reading, and asking how we can be praying over each other. Jordyn doesn't know how badly I needed a friend. Moving to a new place, doing ministry, trying to find you place. That is hard. Jordyn has been such a gift and I am so thankful to not only have her as the gal who makes sure I don't look cray, but a friend and sister in Christ. 

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Jordyn is always excited about life, and she supports me and has been one of my biggest encouragers when it comes to my blog and inspiring women. SO, she wanted to team up with me and pass out the products I use!-- Since she is the gem who told me about them in the first place! 


Milkshake!!! Yes the ice-cream kind and the hair kind are both amazing. HA! The first two products I am giving away is the dry shampoo, which honestly give instant results. I can go 5 days without washing my hair and not feeling like I really need too. For you ladies trying to do your best not putting heat on your hair this stuff is GOLD. Not to mention it smells so good, oh my word. The second product I am giving away is the incredible milk for your hair. This is a product you put in your hair after you wash it and before you dry it (or air dry it) It's a leave in treatment and goes for all hair types! It does 12 different things for you hair, repairs, fix control, prevents split ends, heat protection, helps you hair style stay longer, helps with detangling, provides shine, gives body, and volume, makes ironing easier, protects and maintains color, protects against UV rays, and smooths the cuticle. So pretty much it's liquid gold in the hair world and you all need it. 

Lipstick! I never thought I would wear lipstick. I thought it was something old ladies wore and I wanted no part in it. Then I was introduced to MAC's lipstick and I have been hooked for 2 years now! It last a long time and honestly the price isn't bad! I am going to link the shade I wear as well as the lip pencil! They are both a matte based shine and are so basic they match anything and everything. I love it.

Lipstick- MATTE MEHR AB6

Lip Pencil- SOAR

So how do you win the MILKSHAKE products?! All you have to do is follow Jordyn and myself on Instagram, and comment on my most recent Instagram post why dry shampoo is life! Jordyn and I will read all the comments and chose our favorite so get creative! You don't have to live in TN to win, we can mail these off! Winner will be announced on Friday!


May the nastiest hair win HA!