tap tap is this thing on...

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Not even sure I remember really how to do this but we are about to find out aren’t we…

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Can I just say it feels good to be back. I think every person has “their thing” something they enjoy doing. Something they feel passionate about and mine just so happens to be sitting right here, writing out my thoughts, spiritual growth, or even sharing some of my favorite things with all of you. I am a 2 on the enneagram (wing 1) so it’s important that I do something for me—- with a little bit of something for all of you as well! I love the creative outlet of blogging. I love Instagram and how is allows be to build relationships with all of you. I love how JESUS continues to use my heart, gifting and abilities in areas I never dreamed.

Blogging is a lot. I know if comes across easy, or that “everyone is doing it.” But can I just say for all of us who choose this creative space to do something— it’s not easy. What’s easy is quiting. HA — because of SO MANY REASONS I allow myself to just push it to the side. But I need ME time. I have a blast in this space and I am excited for all the things I have planned for 2019.

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But maybe with the start of the new year (like seriously it’s 2019—- I have officially been out of HS for 10 years and I can’t even hang) we should catch up a bit. We’ve been busy swapping around priorities… Cody and I recently have been trying to be as minimalistic as possible. I couldn’t quite talk him into living in a camper or tiny home (YET) but our farmhouse with land is for sale and I never thought in a million years I’d be excited about that. But, Yo Girl can’t wait to live small. Not to mention becoming parents to the cutest baby boy on the planet. Enjoying the fleeting moments with sweet Judah means everything to me. I have wanted nothing more than to be a momma my entire life. It is my greatest passion. He makes life special. It’s kinda hard to even remember what it was like without him around— and I never want to.

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Besides all the craziness from becoming new parents, and putting our house on the market things have been fun. Cody is loving his job as the High School Pastor at First Baptist Hendersonville. He loves his team and every single student in the ministry. It’s hard trying to get to know everyone but Cody does an incredible job making students feel important. Even if he is outnumbered 200+! I love getting to hear Cody teach. He is so gifted I wish I had the capacity to do what he does weekly. In 2018 he changed up the “vibes” (is that even still a word) on WED nights and it’s now called The Rising. That was mine and Cody’s theme verse for 2018 “He must increase I must decrease” John 3:30 and we saw fruit not only in his ministry but even how we live our life. (Possibly why I am a crazy lady and want to live in a camper)

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Kevin is 17 turns 18 in February! Crazy! Cody and I have enjoyed having him live with us! He finished 2018 with incredible grades and a super cool yo yo club at school. Y’all— can I just say I was so nervous when he said he wanted to start this club at his school… I was thinking “no-one does yo yo!” I didn’t want his heart to be broken. But this was a great learning lesson for me. Sure enough… Kevin has over 15 people in his club learning from him during the week. I was SOOO wrong, and I am thrilled about it. Kevin still enjoys hanging out with friends, but his one true love is Fortnite (any other mommas out there feel that) But I try and remind myself it’s good because this game has brought so many kids together. Kids that possibly would have never sat next to each other at the lunch table, or football game can be best friends in this game. It’s kind of beautiful.

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I love my boys so much and can’t believe I get to do life with them. I truly have everything I need right here. 2019 I am so excited for you. Cody and I went on our annual date the other day where we break down 2018 and talk about our goals for 2019. Our goals we broke into categories and we use a template the christian author Jennie Allen provides. It was so much fun, also our first date since Judah was born, and y’all would be so proud to know I only checked on him once! Something new you can expect from Mather Moments is Mom Talk Monday’s! Each Monday I am going to be releasing new content for all my momma’s out there. From things I am learning to products we use! I think it will be a lot of fun and I can’t wait to hear how y'all like it!

What excites you about 2019? Do you have a verse you want to rest in? Plans or goals for your year? I want to know! Let’s talk in the comments below!



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