what to pack when traveling for adoption


Hello everyone! I am so excited to be writing this blog, one because I think it’s a need, and two I think it’s fun for y’all to learn from my silly mistakes. I have never been known for packing well… in fact I feel like I need to take the entire house in order to feel comfy, but once we arrive I am freaking out over having WAY TO MUCH! When we knew we would be traveling for the adoption I was stressing over what to pack. I had never been a mom before. I had no idea what Judah would need, or even Cody and myself! I reached out to multiple women and had them send me their MUST and a little disclaimer to this blog, the items I am sharing and the things I say worked best for Cody and myself, you and your family may be different and things might work better if you do in fact pack your entire home. But for us, less is more.

I am going to split this post up in categories so that way you can create a check list! If I leave out anything you and your family found helpful while y’all were traveling for adoption please type it in the comments below, also let me know if this was helpful!!



I don’t know about everyone else, but I was very stressed about this part. What bottles are best?! I can’t breast feed so I do I pick out the right formula?! Know so many of my friends and their babies struggled with colic and spitting up, I did my research on what I should get in order to help prevent those things! When traveling for adoption some of my MUST are:

  • Baby Breeza (1)

  • Philip Event Bottles (with cleaning brush) (4 Bottles)

  • Lawn Drying Rack (1)

  • Burp Cloths (3) — I packed 2 in the suitcase and left 1 in my diaper bag




When trying to prepare for this I was like do I want to pack his swing? Or Just take the pack and play. Hilariously enough, we planned on the swing because it was so much smaller, and could also turn into a seat and a bed… but when it came to packing it up it took up WAY TO MUCH SPACE. So we went with our pack n play and I am SO THANKFUL. Here are some reasons why.

Judah since night three has been sleeping peacefully in the pack n play. Our’s also came with a changing table so that has been so easy, and it also came with a little seat that vibrates that we can take out if we were playing boardgames in the hotel, or for wake time during the day! So the pack n play was a must for us, it has worked really nice having it. We didn’t fly, so those of you who are flying ask you hotel if they have one you can rent and just bring your dock a tot, or sheets along for the trip! With that being said, that brings me to my next favorite bedtime must, the dock a tot. I know some of you mommas out there might not like that Judah is currently sleeping in his, but we spoke to a pediatrician after night one with Judah. He was already so strong, and lifting his head and rolling! We had placed him in the crib and he had rolled on his side, face down. That scared me so bad I held him the entire night! Our Doctor said it was okay for him to sleep in the dock a tot and we haven’t looked back it works amazing for us! So we place that inside the pack n play for bedtime! Judah LOVES sleeping with his arms up, so though we loved swaddling him we wanted to make it as comfy as possible and the Love To Dream Swaddle allows just that! It’s our favorite! Sound Machines are where it’s at and Cody and I love ours because you can set alarms, or have light if you need it! <— when we change his diaper during the evening this is HUGE! Lastly, but certainly not least the Owlet Baby Monitor. I know I am not alone in the world of “is my baby breathing?!” while they sleep world. We received this as a gift at one of our registries and I think all mommas need it! It tracks your babies breathing and heart rate while they sleep and notifies you if anything is wrong. Makes sleeping at night that much more restful knowing your baby is okay.

**Cody and I are also doing Babywise and it is already working like a champ! If you are interested in that schedule click here.

  • Pack n play

  • Dock a tot

  • Love to Dream Swaddle

  • Onesies (7 max)

  • Sound Machine (or you could just use your cell phone, spotify has everything)

  • Owlet Baby Monitor




My favorite! With newborns you are only able to sponge bath until the umbilical cord falls off, and with Judah being a boy we had to be even more careful with his circumcision. (I will let you know what you will need for that under “Changing Time”) But that just makes packing that much easier for bath time! We used Johnson’s soaps, soft baby rags, a tub he can easily sit in, and a rubber ducky that helps let us know if the water is to hot or not!

  • Johnson’s Soap and Lotion **Travel size or get you some travel containers

  • Rags (2 max)

  • Hooded Towel (1 max)

  • Tub Seat

  • Safety Bath Ducky




Boy, oh boy has this been a learning curve for Cody and I. We are just at a week and still seeking all the guidance in this area. I will create the list like I have for the other sections, but I want to speak into a couple of things. We brought Pamper Wipes with us, the unscented ones and Judah ended up have a super tiny rash around his bottom where he goes to the bathroom. A lot of my friends said this was normal, so we went and got WATER WIPES, for changing his diaper to help prevent future irritation. These wipes are more expensive but have totally helped remove the irritation of that area, That, along with Destin. We also let him air out a couple hours! Would you believe he didn’t go to the bathroom once when we did that?! We soooo got lucky! For boy mommas, you will also need gauze pads and regular Vaseline for the healing of the circumcision.

  • Changing Table — or pad for the desk in the hotel room

  • Diapers

  • Water Wipes

  • Destin

  • Gauze Pads

  • Vaseline




So while being here these are some things we had to go and purchase because we ended up needing them. I will say Cody and I packed multiple meds for gas, and possible other issues and we have not had to use them once. I would suggest not packing them, but being prepared to go and purchase them if you needed them.

We had a boy with a stuffy nose and the thing the hospital gave us worked for a little but he was pretty stuffed up. EVERYONE has told me about the Nose Freda and though I was like, umm not happening, it actually was not bad at all and our saving grace! That with some Boogie Drops gives us allll the praise hands! While traveling you will need to wash clothes so Cody and I packed some Tide Pods, as well as some Drift for Judah.

  • Nose Freda

  • Boogie Drops

  • Tide Pods

  • Drift




This one is easy! You won’t need anything for baby other than his/her leaving outfit and my favorites come from Lou Lou & Company! The reason I love them is because they are super soft and open at the bottom so it’s easy to change! I purchased multiple hats, swaddles, and outfits from them! Check them out by clicking HERE. But all his/her food, diapers, wipes, and bottles will all be taken care of while he/she is there!

For you, whatever you wear to the hospital, an extra set of clothes— I packed sweat pants and a sweatshirt (it’s cold in the hospital) as well as your toiletries for your stay. I know this is different for everyone BUT we were only at the hospital for a day and a 1/2 so less was more for us. One MUST for you ladies is a night gown that button ups so you can do skin to skin easily the first night. I will attach it here for you to shop!



Keep it easy. You will need about 7 outfits and you can wash as you go. Make sure to pack one nice outfit (think church) for the court when you go before the judge. Maybe one cute outfit to wear out if you get the opportunity, but everything else think COMFY! You are going to need it!



Cody gifted me with the Promptly Adoption Journal so I wouldn’t forget a single second of this entire journal. It has been one of my favorite things and it goes from prior to birth all the way to their 18th birthday. It’s very special!


Cody and I created a hospital basket for our Birth Mom. She LOVED it. IT had all her favorite snacks, some house shoes, and a comfy new night gown for her to wear once she is allowed to clean up! Something extra special we did for our Birth Mom was we got her a necklace. One that I myself have as well. My friend over at Dear Mushka makes the perfect necklace for adoption. It’s a minimal necklace, sweetly thanking God for knitting families together as perfectly as he does. You can even add the letter of your babies name to the necklaces if you’d like and she supplies a verse for Birth Momma’s as well as Adoptive Mommas! It’s perfect! Click HERE to shop!

Hope this was helpful for all you mommas out there trying to figure out the travel thing! This is the greatest thing Cody and I has ever experienced and I can’t wait to share more with all of you.


Jordan Mather