Judah's Birth


I am so excited to give y’all a preview into the second best day of my life (the first was marrying his daddy) but Judah’s birth was incredible. I would be lying if I didn’t also say this was the hardest thing I have ever experienced as well… to the point to where I actually got sick. But my goodness was it worth it.

The morning of October 3rd, 2018 Cody woke up around 3:50am to use the bathroom and was trying to fall back asleep when my phone rang with the “alarm” ringtone— I know you all know this ringtone— it is often the one we use to wake us up, and possibly quiver at it’s sound. Luckily Cody heard it because I did not, I woke up to the sound of Cody shaking me saying “Jordan! Wake up!” Needless to say I woke up in a panic because I knew if that was the ringtone I was hearing then Judah’s Birth Momma had gone into labor. Sure enough they said they were headed to the hospital, and shortly after arriving I received a text message saying she was at a 7!!! A 7?!? I called our photographer, and videographer and told them the news and they both arrived about 30 mins later.

Really quick before I move forward I want to talk about the photographer, once our video is done we will share more about them, but I seriously love the story of how I met Kyann. As most of you know I LOVE Instagram, and have made lots of new friends on that outlet. One day a couple months ago I received 3 long messages from someone I didn’t know, and it just so happened to be Kyann. She was messaging me to ask questions about adoption and opened up to me about her and her husbands story as well. I quickly messaged her back and we begin to get to know each other, she told me her husband and her were traveling wedding photographers and I thought that was the neatest thing! (she was currently in Ireland when messaging me!!! COOLEST EVER) Not sure I got around to asking her, but I asked her where she was from and she informed me it was the same city our son Judah would be born in!!! I messaged her back “ARE YOU SERIOUS” I explained that was the same city where the birth of Judah would be and she got just as excited as me and I knew I wanted her to capture the day, and boy did she. She arrived very quickly and didn’t miss a single second of that day. I am so incredibly thankful for the community of women I have met on the gram. Instagram sometimes gets a bad rap, but for this girl I couldn’t be more grateful for the friends I have made. Kyann— thank you again. You are a sweet gift to Cody and I and I will forever be grateful for you.


Judah’s Birth Momma allowed Cody and I both to be in the room during the birth. My entire life I dreamt of the moment of “experiencing birth” so when we had our first conversation with her, and she asked if I would like to be in the room, I about lost my mind in tears (again, anyone shocked?!) This was the most precious experience and I am so thankful I was able to be apart. I got to hold her leg, encourage her through every contraction, and make sure she knew she was my superhero with every push. Y’all there is nothing like it.


As soon as Judah’s Birth Momma was finished having her time with him they wrapped him up and handed him to us. If I can be real with all of you for just a second this was one of the hardest parts of the process. Here we are being handed our son, a moment we have waited years for, but a women who we love, and care for deeply, is mourning a loss two feet away from us. That is sorta what adoption is the entire process. The other day I was reading a women’s blog and she described adoption so perfectly. So instead of stumbling on my words trying to explain to all of you how I felt I would like to quote her…

“Adoption is like forming a mosaic out of a million broken pieces. When those pieces adhere together, their rough around the edges suddenly transform into art. No matter how beautiful, though, it should never be dismissed that the beauty started in pain. The whole time I kept thinking that this women and I would have done anything to switch places. I wanted to be in that bed, giving birth to a baby. She wished she wasn’t. And yet, out of our places of opposite pain, we met in that room and loved a child to life. She loved him into the world. I will love him through it.” — Marie Claire


Judah your daddy and I love you more than you will ever know