Valentines Gift Guide for Her

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Believe it or not, I have multiple guys who will text me around the holidays asking for ideas for their girls-Don't worry guys your secret is safe with me! But since I made a gift guide for guys, I figured it only made since to make one for girls as well! Ladies, see something you like send your man the link to this blog, and maybe he will get the hint! HA Everything above is linked below!

The Workout Lover: 

Mark and Graham Nylon Gym Bag - As soon as my eyes saw this bag I wanted it! Even for you ladies who workout at home this is a really neat way of keeping all your workout gear together. For those of you who are hitting the gym often, this is a dream bag! They don't advertise this, but I think it could be a bag that easily you take to the beach as well. Instead of a yoga mat roll up a towel and go! 

Swell Water Bottle - This beautiful light pink water bottle is what dreams are made of. Honestly if she isn't already in love, she most definitely will be with this bottle. This color comes in three different sizes, all lightweight and easy to take on the go! 

The Trendy Girl: 

Mended By Faith Scrunchies and Headbands - THESE ARE EVERYTHING! My beautifully talented friend Courtney designs and makes (by hand) Scrunchies, Headbands, Quilts, and more! All my trendy girls out there know right know scrunchies are in, so make sure you click the link above and give her Facebook page a follow.. oh and order your girl something! 

Steve Maden Lancer Sneaker - Okay.. first off let me say I do not own these yet (so Cody if you are reading this.. hint hint) I have been watching these shoes since October and lets be real they are super stylish and extremely affordable. Guys, do yourself a favor and order these. Your girl will kiss you on the mouth. (if you know me.. then you are laughing-- I probably say that more than I should! HA) 

The Always Going Girl:

Mark and Graham Concourse 2-in-1 Cosmetics Case - For all my makeup loving, never stopping girls out there! This is the gift for you! Mark and Graham have designed a gorgeous bag that matches and luggage you might already have and easily stores not only your makeup but any other cosmetics needed for your trip! 

The Tech Lover: 

Mark and Graham Leather Tech Envelope - Okay guys! Is your girl a blogger? Does your girl not a fan of carrying multiple different bags? Do simple, organized things bring her joy?! This is the gift for her! Not gonna lie, I might have drooled a little when I first saw this item at Mark and Graham! It is perfect and has everything you need! 

Mark and Graham Phone Charging Bracelet - Okay so maybe I'm a little obsessed with Mark and Graham but there is not a girl in the world who wouldn't like this gift. Lets be honest. We are all on our phones the majority of the day, and most of us really enjoy having a watch or bracelet around of wrist-- this brings all those things in together! Holding its charge for 30 days, your bracelet will charge your iPhone up to 50% in about 40-55 minutes, it works like a dream. Not to mention is a super fashionable and comes in multiple colors!

The Reader: 

She Reads Truth Bible - This is one of my favorite gifts Cody has ever given me. the Bible I had before this one was the one I got when I graduated high school and it wasn't a study bible, so having the SRT bible has really changed my life! I am the girl who takes it everywhere with her, because I love the translation, I love all the colors on the inside. Every detail in this bible is incredible and to be honest I want every girl in the world to have one! It is so fun and very appealing to the eye, but most important it truly is impactful and brings the Bible to life for girls like never before. It comes in multiple different colors, 66 different key verses, reading plans, maps, charts, and even timelines of the Bible! I love it, if your girl doesn't own one.. she should.


Ladies! What are y'all asking for for Valentines?! Let me know in the comments below!