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Is there anything better then waking up in your favorite PJ's ready to take on your day?! A question that I get most often is what books and devotionals am I reading and what my mornings look like in order to make sure I am spending time with the Lord.

Before I jump into this though I want to explain why I do the things I do.

I legit (yes I said legit, I work with students for goodness sake) feel so incredibly thankful to wake up with breath in my lounges. I am fully aware that the first thing I could do is scroll Instagram for two me it's happened. But I am also aware that my day goes so much better if I start it off in scripture. The Bible says that God's word is God breathed. So starting my day off with an open conversation with Him is the greatest thing I could do. Our world is not perfect, and all day the enemy will throw lies at me. He uses opportunities on social media, at work, on the highway, (maybe in your school hallways), and even at church. So I want to be prepared and the only way I can be is if I saturate my mind in his word and remind myself who's I am and what I'm called to do as a daughter of the King.



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But onto the questions:

1. "What do your mornings look like and how do you pick where to read in scripture?"

My typical morning here lately has been the alarm going off at 4am (yes. I know that is almost sinful HA!) but I typically have to be at a school to speak around 7:30am and there are a lot of things I like to do before leaving the house. I love working out in the mornings but what my friend Ashley (she is a boss follow her) calls workingIN is so important to me as well so I make sure I am up and in the word ASAP. Now, if you are reading this it is very likely that you saw on my website my current devotional on the main page! I love the SheReadsTruth app for your cellphone and I will tell all of you like I told my Sunday school class (excuse me "Connect Group) the SheReadsTruth app is so incredible because you not only get a devotional BUT, you are also digging deep into God's word. They have done an amazing job setting up every one for success. So currently I am studying Matthew. So, they will guide you through the whole book (of your choice) with scripture reading, then tie it all in with a devotional. The reason I love this so much is because I know (especially with students) they read a devotional and then say they have "read their bible for the day..." unfortunately you haven't. Devotionals are amazing and a wonderful tool to bring understanding to what the Bible teaches, but it is SO important that you are actually opening your bible and drawing closer to Jesus. I picked Matthew to be honest because that was the current study with the SRT app. But maybe you feel called to read Esther, or The Parables of Jesus. YOU CAN. 

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2. "What bible studies have you tried and loved?"

  • Seamless by Angie SmithI loved this study sooo much because it broke down the Bible like I had never seen before. It is seven sessions, and it covers places, people, and even God's promises in a way this is easy to understand. One of my favorite things was she puts the Bible stories in order for you based of the timeline of events. That was exciting and very eye opening. This bible study can be done with a group of gals, or honestly even on your own in your special place. 
  • Restless by Jennie AllenIf you have been following me for a while then you know Jennie is my girl. I love the realness and transparency she brings to all her studies. I have never seen anything like what she can do to a group of women in need of a place to feel apart. Restless is a bible study where Jennie explores the question "Do I Matter" one that many of us ask ourselves on the daily. She uses the story of Joseph and the suffering he experienced to point everyone back to Jesus. 
  • Proven by Jennie Allen - Oh! Would you look at that, another Jennie Allen study. I promise you even this will not be the last time you see her name. Proven is the Bible study created off her book "Nothing to Prove" - which is exactly what it sounds like. We live in a world where we feel this is something we have to do on the daily. Prove ourselves. But Jennie walks us thorough 8 session in the book of John to demonstrate how we don't have to be enough because we worship a God who already is. 
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3. "What books are you currently reading to fuel your soul?"

Y'all. Before I even talk about this I think it is important all of you know how much I do not like reading. Yep.. that's right. I'm the worst reader ever. Typically Jordan reading a book looks like starting it and never picking it back up. I used to joke and say "Don't ruin a good movie with a bad book.." gosh.. writing that out was even embarrassing... ha - but I think I'm such a visual person it has always been harder for me to dive into a book. BUT victory is mine and I found a couple books I couldn't put down. Listen, I was as shocked as y'all. I think I told people for weeks "YOU HAVE TO GO BUY THESE BOOKS!" I just couldn't believe I had finished a book for the FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE. Yeah you read that right. I was really good at skimming books in high school and college, but the books I am about to share with you changed my life in more ways than one. 

  • Nothing to Prove by Jennie Allen - Told y'all I wasn't done with her. I am not lying when I tell you I am currently reading this book for the third time. One chapter in and the girl had read right into the pit of my soul. I could't stop. I felt as if I was sitting across a table with her getting coffee. I loved everything about it, from the stories, to the conviction that took place in my heart, to the challenges and growth.. my first time I read it in a week. (and that's because I said okay Jordan slow down and take one challenge in at a time.) If you do not own this book do yourself a favor and go and add that bad boy to your cart now. 
  • Unashamed by Christine Caine - The past couple of months I have gone back to this book so many times. First off, if you haven't ever heard Christine teach.. go youtube her now. WOW. Talk about taking you straight to Jesus. This girl spits fire. This book makes you see that God is bigger and better than the shame the enemy tries to trick us with on the daily. If you follow me on Instagram you probably saw one of my post where I shared that shame had been holding me back from things I knew God was calling me too. This book ignites a fire within you to not only desire to know scripture like no ones business but go and share the truth with everyone you know.
  • Without Rival by Lisa Bevere -  The first time I ever heard Lisa Bevere teach I was in awe of the power behind every word she spoke. If you like passionate speakers, this is the girl to listen too. (I sometimes listen to her while I run if that tells you anything lol) This book is about embracing who God has called you to be in a world that is constantly comparing. Lisa shares with all of us has God can break down walls and allow you to grow exactly where God has placed you. 
        Old Navy Cardi  - y'all side note this cardi matches everything and is so comfy and cheap!

       Old Navy Cardi - y'all side note this cardi matches everything and is so comfy and cheap!

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Hope this blog was helpful to all of you who have been asking!

I am always wanting to know what new bible studies I should do as well as new books to read! So please comment below so I can check them out!

Oh! Also have fun today, don't take everything so seriously, and jump on the bed.. even at 26 it's a lot of fun.